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Writing from an Undisclosed Location

At this point, we all know how much our lives have changed due to the Pandemic. God, I shouldn't capitalize the word because it gives it even more power than it already has, but capitalize I must. It's had a ton of power. Over me and thousands of people who have lost jobs, good health, food security, and loved ones due to COVID-19. .

I didn't intend to blog about the Pandemic, but it's so all consuming, so pervasive in my thoughts that it unconsciously went from my brain and right out my fingers. Damn you, PANDEMIC!! Stop humming in the background!

What did I intend to blog about . . . writing. I have been writing quite a bit during this period of isolation. Which is a good thing. Recently, a spec script that I wrote in May for a show I adore, "Atypical," made it to the second round at Austin Film Festival's script competition. Learning this, was a much needed boost. That's an understatement. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was feeling as if I was spitting into the wind with my writing, that I was the Vincent Van Gogh of writers. (Sorry, Vincent. Pretty ballsy of me to compare my work to your genius. But, hey, who knows. I could get there.)

I do love the writing process itself though, even if I miss meeting in person with my writing group - five other women, all of whom live in New York City. I, on the other hand, live in a small hamlet in Upstate New York. Yes, the sign near the Post Office actually describes the town as a "hamlet." It always makes me think of the scurrying rats in the Grimm's fairy tale. No, wait. That was Hamelin. Well, the word still makes me think of rats.

The other Pandemic activity that I've been engaged in is raising a puppy. How cliche of me to be one of thousands who found this to be the time to adopt a dog. My son and his girlfriend adopted a pregnant beagle and she had six puppies. All had eager people waiting for them. Five days before my favorite puppy was to be picked up by the young woman (YW) who was to adopt her, YW texted to say that she had to move into her parent's house - more fallout from the Pandemic - and she couldn't bring a puppy with her. YW's misfortune was my good fortune. Not to sound too callous about it.

So, this confirmed "cat person" is becoming a "dog person." I'm realizing there is so much I didn't know about dogs. If you bring home a cat, you basically show her where the litter box is, feed her, and periodically take her to the vet. If your cat wants to be petted or sit on your lap, oh happy day. A dog on the other hand, requires a huge amount of time and attention, patience, and love in order to civilize them enough to be a good housemate. You also need really yummy treats. And if you have wooden chairs or furniture, you have to give up on the idea that the legs and corners with remain unscathed.

Maddy is exhausting, time consuming, and sometimes frustrating. But she is also smart, adorable, and the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Her devotion is humbling, and it surprises me that I love her so much already.

I suspect there will be lots of stories to tell about living with her. Hmm. "Maddy and Me." Pretty catchy.

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